How We Grow

Blaqstar Farms is Proposition 215 compliant and dedicated to growing only the best marijuana strains using the cleanest growing methods currently available. Focusing on high-quality strains and medical cannabis products, we are committed to growing marijuana without chemicals or pesticides and without their impact on the plant or the environment. We are the largest minority-owned grow operation in the state of California, focused on top-quality cannabis and ensuring both a high-quality product and an enjoyable experience for our consumers. Proud of the craftsmanship that we've invested in our farm and its harvests, we will never sacrifice our quality for quantity.

Blaqstar Farms

Blaqstar Farms is a premier marijuana farm located in Los Angeles. With decades of experience in the healthcare, advisory, and financial worlds, Blaqstar Farms has the ability to navigate and assist all efforts of marijuana production. As medicinal cannabis develops nationally, Blaqstar Farms is here to help prospective companies find the solutions their businesses need to provide their patients with reliable, all-natural medical marijuana.

As the recreational marijuana market develops in California, changing regulations and procedures will demand an equally responsive industry. Blaqstar Farms uses its historical experience and relationships with experts to constantly adapt and remain at the forefront of the cannabis industry. While some regulations may be underdeveloped in California, we at Blaqstar Farms always consider both current and future standards when growing cannabis. While medical marijuana and recreational cannabis markets grow, Blaqstar Farms and its partners will grow as well. We are currently looking to expand into Oregon and have begun researching Pennsylvania and East Coast expansion as the rules develop across the nation. We look forward to serving all of our future customers.

Types of Marijuana

There are 2 main types of marijuana plants known as indica plants and sativa plants. Indica plants have leaves that are generally a darker green and are also known to be relatively short. Indica plants typically only grow to be 6 feet tall or shorter. The effects of using a cannabis strain that is indica-dominant include a relaxed, mellow attitude. Because of this soothing effect, indica strains are often recommended for stress, insomnia, or anxiety. Indica is typically suggested for night use, as it is calming and may cause a user to feel sleepy.

The sativa plant produces leaves that are long, thin, and bright green, the standard image of a “pot leaf” that you may have seen on t-shirts or stickers. Compared to indica, sativa plants can grow much taller. In fact, some sativa plants can grow up to 25 feet tall, but the majority of sativa plants grow to be around 12 feet tall. The effects of sativa are energizing and exciting, inspiring creativity. While indica may cause a user to become tired or less talkative, sativa often causes users to feel more alert or conversational. Because of its energizing effects, sativa is generally recommended for day use.

Hybrids combine the energizing effects of sativa with the relaxing effects of indica. Some of the top sativa strains and indica strains are often used when creating a hybrid for the best quality possible. While hybrids blend the effects of sativa and indica, they are typically either indica-dominant or sativa-dominant and will tend to have more of a calming effect or energizing effect depending on which plant’s characteristics it takes after most.

Indica Sativa Hybrid
Calming Effects Exciting Effects Combines the effects of indica & sativa
Shorter, fatter shape & darker green color Long, thin leaf shape and bright green color Leaf shape and color varies
Grows to be 6 feet or shorter Grows to maximize height of 12-25 feet Height of plant varies
Recommended for nighttime use Recommended for daytime use Different levels of CBD & THC concentrations

Cannabis Strains

At Blaqstar Farms, we offer some of the most potent cannabis strains from the sativa and indica plants. We also offer hybrid strains that combine the best effects from both the sativa and indica plants. Our strains vary in fragrance, taste, and effect with some strains being THC-dominant and others being CBD-dominant.  THC-dominant strains are known for their potency, smooth intake, and euphoric high. On the other hand, our CBD-dominant strains are widely popular for use in cannabis topicals. CBD is known for its potential healing effects for a variety of medical conditions, including nausea, aches, inflammation, certain cardiovascular conditions, and more.

A popular strain that we offer is The Force, one of our most potent cannabis strains. The force is a hybrid strain that combines the energizing effects of the sativa plant with the soothing effects of the indica plant. Together, the sativa and indica plants create a hybrid that has a dynamic flavor profile, smooth intake, and clear boil.

Blaqstar Farms offers some of the best naturally grown marijuana strains including:

  • Durban Poison
  • Blue Cookies
  • Blue OG
  • Lamb’s Bread
  • Clementine
  • Yoda OG / The Force
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Super Glue
  • Do-Si-Dos
  • Boss OG
  • Dragon
  • Paris OG
  • Skywalker Kush