Growing Sustainable Marijuana

When growing marijuana, Blaqstar Farms creates healthy plants to develop sustainable and enjoyable cannabis products. We never jeopardize the quality of our cannabis plants and marijuana products with unhealthy growing methods or chemicals. We believe the best bud begins with a healthy cannabis plant. To create the most enjoyable products, we ensure that all of our marijuana is grown using all-natural, chemical-free, and pesticide-free growing methods.

How We Grow Marijuana

Our mission at Blaqstar Farms is to sustainably grow high-grade marijuana and create top-shelf cannabis products. We focus on nurturing craft quality marijuana plants instead of mass-growing a large number of plants. We will never threaten our plants by using pesticides when growing, as these can be unhealthy and diminish the quality of the overall product. We are a Proposition 215 compliant company and the largest minority-owned grow operation in the state of California.

Types of Marijuana

Sativa and indica plants are the 2 main types of marijuana plants. Sativa strains are derived from sativa plants, and indica strains are derived from indica plants. A third strain of cannabis exists, which is referred to as a hybrid because it combines characteristics from the indica plant and sativa plant. Sativa plants are marijuana plants that can sometimes grow up to 25 feet tall. The majority of sativa plants tend to grow up to 12 feet tall or shorter. The leaves of the sativa plant are thin and bright green, which has become the classic symbol of marijuana to the general public. Inducing an exciting effect, sativa is often recommended for day use, as many individuals feel energized after smoking sativa.

On the other hand, indica plants are shorter cannabis plants that tend to only grow to be 6 feet tall or shorter. The leaves of the indica plant are often a darker green and are shorter and fatter than sativa leaves. Indica is typically suggested for nighttime use because its effects are soothing, calming, and even sleep-inducing. Indica strains have been found to help individuals who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, and stress. Finally, hybrids combine the effects of both sativa plants and indica plants into one. While hybrids do possess characteristics of both plants, they generally tend to be more indica-dominant or more sativa-dominant.


Terpenes are the aromatic oils that make the effects of the cannabis plant so diverse. Terpenes are excreted by trichromes, small structures on the marijuana plant that also secret THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Trichromes are also the reason the cannabis bud has a dewy, sticky appearance and texture, as they produce the crystal resin that covers the bud. This resin, when dry, is known as kief, a potent component in THC. Terpenes allow for the diversity in aromas and tastes of the cannabis bud. Unique terpene profiles combine to create strains of cannabis that smell like pine or taste like berries; each flavor profile reflects a different terpene combination, and every strain has a different balance of terpenes, creating assorted, unique strains of marijuana with many different scents and flavors.

In addition to lending unique fragrances and tastes, terpenes also change the overall effect of the cannabis itself. For instance, limonene is a common terpene that provides the cannabis bud with a citrus flavor and smell, but limonene is also known for its ability to help reduce stress and elevate your mood. Other common terpenes include linalool, humulene, a-pinene, and b-caryophyllene. With over 100 terpenes, each strain of cannabis features a unique balance of terpenes and causes various effects. When using cannabis, cannabinoids like THC and CBD bind to receptor sites in your brain and body known as CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors respectively. The terpenes secreted by the cannabis plant also bind to these receptor sites, affecting the overall chemical output of your cannabinoid receptors. The production of dopamine and serotonin can even be affected, which is one way that cannabis affects your mental and physical state. The complex interactions in each strain require expert knowledge and experience to guarantee consistent effects. Blaqstar Farms brings that expertise to every harvest.

Cannabis Products

In addition to top-shelf marijuana, we also offer various cannabis products in California, including cannabis vape pens, shatters, and CBD topicals. Our line of Blaqstar vape pens are some of the finest marijuana vape pens currently available. Smoking our high-grade cannabis through our vape pens is cleaner and may be healthier for your lungs. Additionally, the size and design of our cannabis vape pens means they are easy to use, hold, and travel, making them one of our most popular cannabis delivery methods.

We also offer shatters, high-potency extracts gathered from the cannabis buds using Butane. Shatters are a type of hash oil that are perfect for dabbing. Shatters have grown in popularity recently due to their extremely high concentrations of THC, which result in stronger, more prolonged highs than traditional marijuana.

Medical cannabis topicals are lotions and creams that are infused with medical-grade marijuana. CBD is a cannabinoid from the marijuana plant that is non-psychoactive and does not result in the sensation of being high as THC does. When cannabis creams are applied, they are absorbed directly through the skin. The CBD in these topicals then trigger a response from your CB2 cannabinoid receptors, which is thought to restore internal cannabinoid deficiencies and create various healing effects. If you are suffering from inflammation, CBD may promote the production of anti-inflammatory agents in your body to help treat the cause of swelling. CBD topicals may be used to reduce the severity of muscle aches, spasms, cramps, soreness, inflammation, and more.