Our Mission

Blaqstar Farms is a marijuana farm committed to naturally grown cannabis strains and top-quality marijuana products. At Blaqstar Farms, we nurture the strongest, healthiest cannabis plants possible, resulting in high-grade marijuana that is clean, potent, and enjoyable. From planting to cultivation, we use the best growing techniques in order to create premium marijuana. Blaqstar Farms grows a variety of quality marijuana strains, including strains of indica, sativa, and hybrids. At Blaqstar Farms, our priority is to deliver the best cannabis possible to ensure our customers receive only the cleanest and purest marijuana and marijuana products. We prioritize quality and continue to improve upon our products. We strive to constantly improve upon our products so that they are more enjoyable than they were yesterday. Ongoing development and improvement of our products are pillars to our business.

We are growing experts, producing consistently high-grade cannabis. As the largest minority-owned grow operation in California, we ensure that our marijuana is all-natural and grown without the use of harmful pesticides. We pride ourselves on growing and creating wholesome cannabis products that are flavorful, aromatic, and, above all else, potent. Blaqstar Farms prides itself on cultivating the experience of marijuana and producing the best products possible. We offer some of the most unique and sought-after marijuana strains currently available with bold flavor profiles and smooth intakes.

Consumer-oriented, Blaqstar Farms is fully committed to growing our marijuana to be the most enjoyable for our users and ending the stigma that marijuana is only used to get high. At Blaqstar Farms, we hope to promote marijuana education and inform individuals of the health benefits of cannabis. We create top-quality marijuana, CBD creams and topicals, and cannabis products, supporting our clients through a consistent, all-natural product and expanding our reach through education and advocacy. Proposition 215 compliant, we are excited to offer our cannabis products in a variety of delivery methods, including marijuana vape pens, cannabis creams, cannabis lotions, and more.