Products & Strains

At Blaqstar Farms, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality cannabis strains and marijuana products. From planting to dispensing our cannabis plants and products, we ensure that each plant is of the highest quality. We offer a variety of potent cannabis strains, including popular indica strains, sativa strains, and hybrid strains. We also offer a variety of delivery methods for our cannabis plants, including shatters, cannabis vape pens, CBD topicals, and more.

THC & CBD Marijuana

Marijuana that is THC-dominant is often sought-after for its psychoactive effects. When a cannabis strain high in THC is used, the THC triggers a response from the cannabinoid system in your brain that consists of CB1 receptors. This reaction causes the euphoric sensation of being high.

You have another set of cannabinoid receptors known as CB2 receptors. These receptors are found throughout your body and are triggered by CBD-dominant marijuana. While THC creates a psychoactive effect, CBD is non-psychoactive and does not cause you to get high. Because of this, CBD is often used in cannabis topicals and strains of marijuana for users who wish to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the euphoric high.

Cannabis Strains

Cannabis strains include sativa, indica, and hybrid. Blaqstar Farms offers a wide variety of strains stemming from the indica or sativa marijuana plants. Each cannabis strain is individually designed to highlight a specific characteristic of the cannabis plant. Indica is a type of marijuana strain that is known for its mellower, calming effects; whereas sativa is often remarked for its energizing, exciting effects. Hybrid marijuana combines these 2 to create a perfectly blended strain that both stimulates and soothes.

One of our most popular strains, The Force is a highly potent strain of cannabis with an appealing flavor profile. The Force is known for its fine taste, smooth intake, high potency, and clear boil. The Force is a hybrid that is indica-dominate, which means that its effect is more calming and relaxing.

Cannabis and THC strains that Blaqstar Farms offer:

  • Durban Poison
  • Blue Cookies
  • Blue OG
  • Lamb’s Bread
  • Clementine
  • Yoda OG / The Force
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Super Glue
  • Do-Si-Dos
  • Boss OG
  • Dragon
  • Paris OG
  • Skywalker Kush

Blaqstar Vape

Blaqstar Vape is one of the finest marijuana vape pens currently available. Our marijuana is grown and cultivated without the use of chemicals or pesticides, ensuring clean, all-natural cannabis. The convenient design of marijuana vape pens allow for easy use and portability. Some studies have even shown that marijuana vape pens are better for your lungs, making it one of the most popular options for delivering medicinal cannabis.


Shatters are extracts made from cannabis buds and Butane. Shatters, like cannabis wax, are used for dabbing. Both shatters and waxes may also be referred to as Butane hash oils. The process for creating shatter and wax extracts are the same. The difference in the end product occurs due to a difference in temperature during the final step of the process. Shatters are often highly requested due to their extreme potencies and often result in stronger, longer highs than a joint or blunt.

CBD Topicals

Non-psychoactive, CBD topicals have many medicinal and healing effects. CBD topicals are any cannabis-infused cream, lotion, or substance that is applied to the skin. The cannabis topicals are absorbed directly through your skin and trigger a response from your CB2 receptors throughout your body. This response often promotes the production of anti-inflammatory agents, which can help treat swelling. Additionally, cannabis lotions are known for their ability to help reduce muscle spasms, aches, and soreness.